Sunday, August 2, 2009

Volunteering for Wussiness

Yea, hard rock music, heavy metal, it doth make the blood pump and emboldens the heart of man. It also makes a great many guys feel as if they have more meat hanging above their feet if you follow (I think that's part of the reason that hard and heavy found their way in as adjectives for these genres). I find it funny then, that those who make this music are often obscenely insecure and wimpy.

I mean, any kind of person can listen to this music; you'll see both business execs and football players psyching themselves up with some Death or whatever. But in order to be the kind of person who both defines themselves by, and makes their primary form of expression, a music that's (by definition) one-dimensional, you need to do be completely scared shitless by life.

Allowing nothing but negativity and acts of negation (hatred, violence, all that fun stuff) to consume your entire personality makes one seem tough and scary. But it's not in any form a likeable or admirable sense of toughness, it's the same defense mechanism internet nerds (present!) use to distance themselves from a society that seems to want nothing but to confound them.

In other words: metal is nerd sarcasm made into music. Metal band "looking for members" posters are just asking for people to volunteer for wussiness.

- If the music is dead, give it an autopsy and sell the video on ebay.

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